Daily Crackle

2018 – on-going

One audio sketch a day, for 6 months

The project Daily Crackle is about exploring different sonic themes and producing a large set of sketches. I choose to post one sketch per day on Instagram as a way to force myself to finish an idea. Each theme has 5 sketches and after 6 months this results in 36 themes being explored.


Each exploration consists of 5 pieces on the same theme. A theme is a particular music style, a piece of equipment, a synthesis method, or a processing technique. There is a lot of emphasis on sound design, I developed tons of synth sounds and recorded many objects and environments, both in the studio as well as in the field.

The album

The result of this 6 month exploration is captured in an album with the most interesting ideas developed further. It will be released on all digital platforms on August 21, 2018.

The artwork for each sketch supports the theme and is build from public domain photos.


daily crackle started on february 23 and ends on august 20

Latest explorations @dailycrackle on Instagram.

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