Location soundscape I

Beyond sampling instruments and objects. In this project I set out to sample locations and from the sounds collected at that specific spot, I made a soundscape. Technical details: Audio recorded with Zoom H5 Sound design done in Ableton Live (no external plugins used) Video […]

Soundscapes for Commuting, Queuing and Other Everyday Moments

Soundscapes for Commuting, Queuing and Other Everyday Moments is an exploration of long format compositions where thoughtful sound design is combined with a semi-randomised arrangement structure. These soundscapes are perfect for daydreaming on your commute or while you’re waiting in a queue or just to […]

Sound Design Reel

This video reel showcases my portfolio work of sound design for film and picture. I have remade all the sound –music as well foley– for each video with my own interpretation. Original videos by: Winzavod by G.I.ant Production (no longer on Vimeo) Bye Bye Baby […]

Freq Mod

The sounds in this pack range from out-of-this-world sci-fi madness to electronic percussion and eerie pads. This pack contains melodic and percussive/noise samples created with FM synthesis that can be used in any DAW or sampler. Demo of some sounds: Download FREQ MOD (117 samples, […]


The Textures sound pack contains percussive and rhythmic textures made from noise, field recordings, everyday objects, and analog synthesizers. It can be used to spice up your music, as background sound in films, series, and ads, or to enrich game worlds. 3 Demos of textures: […]


A lo-fi beat tape with lazy, down-tempo beats build from analog synth sounds and foley recordings backed up with minimal drum breaks. 18 tracks. Available on all digital platforms


This project explored FM synthesis combined with piano, field recordings, and an early video game music aesthetic. 5 tracks. Available on all digital platforms

Electronic Buzz

Sound pack Electronic Buzz The Electronic Buzz sound pack covers a wide variety of electronic and acoustic sounds that have been carefully crafted into lush, subtle, fuzzy, and intriguing textures, sounds, and noises. This pack contains 100% royalty-free samples that can be used for many […]

Daily Crackle

Sketching with sound  Project Daily Crackle was about sketching with sound for 6 months and posting everyday a little idea on Instagram. I explored different sonic themes, from a particular music style, a piece of equipment, a synthesis method, or a processing technique. Each theme was […]


11 lo-fi hip-hop tracks made by using synthesizers and recording everyday objects rather than sampling vinyl records. Available on all digital platforms